Tips to Ensure Your Flowers Last Longer

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Flower maintenance can be very tricky sometimes and kind of difficult but once you know the right things to do your flower can last longer than you expected. Does it look like your flower is already wilting? There is no need to throw it out yet, that flower can still be revived, you just need to know what to do. Here is how you can revive your fresh flowers delivery Dubai when they start wilting.

Clean the Vase Regularly

It may be that your vase is dirty and is filled with bacteria that are affecting the stem of the flower and are what is forming scabs at the stem and stopping it from absorbing water, so make sure your vase is properly killed with warm water and soap.

Snip the Stem

There might be a scab that has been formed at the edge of the stem preventing the flower from getting water, so all you need to do is get the wilting flower, re-cut the stem at an angle that is about one inch distant to the end that is already cut, this should open up the stem again and allow it absorbs water better. Ensure you use a sharp knife to cut the stem to avoid damaging the stem.

Add Bleach to the Water

Adding bleach to the water would kill all the germs and bacteria that may infect the flower. Add just a little amount of bleach, one teaspoon or a quarter is enough, this way it dilutes well with the water kills bacteria, and also doesn’t harm your flower.

Mix Sugar with the Water

Add about three to four teaspoons of sugar to the water and mix it well before placing the flowers in the vase. The sugar would increase the fresh weight of the flower and extend its vase life, your flowers would look as perky as ever.

Sprinkle the Flower’s Center

Sprinkle the sugar and water mixture at the peak of the flower, just a few drops would do. This is to enhance and fasten the process.

Trim Away the Wilting Parts

Cutting the wilting parts off is important because those wilting parts can infect the fresh parts and make them wilt also, so taking them off would improve the flower’s life.

Keep in a Cool Place

It is important to keep your flower from places with direct sunlight. Direct heat is not good for flowers because this causes it to dry out faster and wilt. Flowers survive more in cool places, if you live in a hot area keeping your flower in the refrigerator at night would be advisable.

All these tips would surely revive your flower, now you know how to take care of your fresh flowers, and also wilting flowers.

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