How to Make Sure Your Tyres Are Safe During Summer?

The UAE is famous for its high temperatures in summer. And with summer comes a great deal of accidents as a result of tyre blasts. People have also been claiming that heat waves also cause gas tanks to explode. But this is utterly untrue. An explosion is unlikely when there is no spark.

However high temperatures compromise fuel mileage because as the temperature shoots up, fuel expands, forcing the engine to use more gas, leading to loss of horsepower and mileage.  Most Dubai tire companies always advise their clients to care of their vehicle tyres.

It is important that you take safety precautions to make sure, not only your car but also tyres are safe throughout summer. Here are ways to ensure your vehicle’s tyres remain in good condition always.

Ensure the Tyre Pressure is Perfect

Temperature affects tyre pressure. Air and rubber both expand and contract when exposed to heat. If tyres are underinflated, it causes excess flexing on the sidewall, causing more heat, consequently resulting in wear and failure.

On the other hand, overinflated tyres lead to excessive wear and tear to the tread, prompting a burst, as a result. An overinflated tyre makes the ride uncomfortable.

The secret is to ensure tyre pressure remains balanced always. Check the pressure when it’s cold or if you have driven for at least three hours. Increase tyre pressure to the correct settings, which is located in the manual or driver’s door jamb.

Ensure the Car is Not Overheating

Many cars can handle the Dubai summer heat as they feature fans that cool the engines and a radiator which is important to keep everything smooth. But the engine fan may cease to work, or the radiator run dry, which may cause overheating.

If this occurs, it can damage the engine if the temperature doesn’t come down immediately. Get every passenger out in case of fire. Plus, whatever you do, do not remove the radiator cap, not unless the engine has completely cooled down.

Always Keep an Emergency Kit

This is a crucial tip for any season of the year you are in. During summer, however, you ought to improve your emergency kit. You may add quality spectacles to protect yourself, and sufficient water bottles. Do not use plastic materials that can easily be destroyed by high-temperature levels.

In addition, you can add various aspects such as sunblock and other after-sun products to protect yourself when something happens on the road and you have to change the tyres in the middle of the sun. Ensure to carry extra BF Goodrich tires in the trunk or emergency kit if it’s big enough. With an extra set of tyres, you know you are safe in case of a puncture or tyre bust.

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