How to Acquire Grenadian Citizenship?

Are you thinking of getting a second citizenship from a beautiful country? Consider Grenada as your new destination. The processing of the application is extremely simple and fast. You don’t have to counter any technical hassles or administrative loopholes for it. As an investor, you will avail lots of opportunities in investing in new businesses with 100% tax benefits. Also, the economy and the political scenario of the country are extremely stable to smoothly conduct business. Participating in Grenada citizenship by investment program requires consulting with an expert service provider dealing in diplomatic matters related to application of citizenship and investment visa.

Donation Route

One of the two routes in the investment program to apply for citizenship is the donation route. You can donate to the Grenadian government. The money will go to the country’s National Transformation Fund. Your investment will be used in various development projects of the country, meeting a wide range of societal needs of the Grenada. The amount that is required to be invested is US $200,000. Beyond that, if you want citizenship for dependents, the amount is US $25,000 per dependent. The route is absolutely transparent and fully accountable from a financial perspective.

Real Estate Option

Another route to invest in Grenada is the real estate option. It is a preferable route by top global investors to gain citizenship of the country. The minimum amount required to be invested in this case is US $350,000. This is irrespective of the number of dependents you need to support. There are lots of real estate projects happening in Grenada. You will be having ample opportunities to get high returns from your investment in the friendly market. The plus point is you are not obliged to pay taxes to the Grenada government. Purchasing and selling real estate assets are simple and profitable.

Simple Administrative Process

Are you worried about the administrative procedure of applying for the citizenship program? You don’t have to remain concerned about this as the steps are practically very simple to follow. You need to abide by certain eligibility conditions as laid by the Grenadian government to apply for the program. After that, you must fill the application form and submit it to the authorities to be assessed for processing your passport and visa. After a few weeks, you get hold of the passport and obtain the citizenship of Grenada, fast.

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