Enjoy the Abu Dhabi GP like a VIP!

Formula 1 Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi

Do you want to royally enjoy the world-famous Abu Dhabi Grand Prix? If yes, then you need to hire super-yacht services and be a part of the elite who relish the event. There are exclusive formula 1 yacht charter Abu Dhabi services you can hire. The rates will not intimidate you. But point to be noted is you need to choose a top-rated service provider on whom you can safely rely for yacht hires. The better the yacht, the better will be the experience of witnessing Abu Dhabi GP. Continue reading to know more details on the topic.

Excellent Charter Options

There is no dearth of world-class charter options. All types of yacht services and charter choices are available for you to conveniently select. You may opt to hire a full yacht to revel in the event with your close friends. You can also go for a sponsorship deal in a strategic manner if you want to keep a tab on the budget. There are also corporate charter options that you can explore. All yachts are loaded with modern amenities and sophisticated facilities, which undoubtedly reflect a high standard, matching your refined tastes.

Arrive in Style

How can you arrive at the spot in style, like a true celebrity, oozing in glamour and charisma? There is an option to arrive on a helicopter. Your entry will be stunning. There are helipad facilities at the spot, giving you no hassles to properly land. From the helipad, it is easy to go on board a charter. In some cases, the charter companies arrange for the whole experience in their service packages. Before investing, it is rational to read the details and salient features of the service package that you are aiming to purchase from a top provider.

Watch the Race

There are plenty of convenient places from where you can watch and enjoy the F1 race. Arguably the best option is watching it from a super-yacht, from The Marina. You will be relaxing on board and sipping a cocktail, witnessing the thrill of the racing track.

Great Dining Options

Super yachts are equipped with incredibly delectable dishes, prepared and served by professionals. There is a wide spectrum of eating options that you can dig through.

Marvelous Party Choices

It is extremely easy and relishing to organize a party on your rented super yacht. The Abu Dhabi GP is the perfect occasion for partying with your gang of friends.

Hire A Yacht Today

Contact a top-rated service provider in UAE and explore through the inventory of super yachts it has. Choose one of those and hire to enjoy Abu Dhabi GP.

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